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Max Streaming Free Trial & Review: A Wealth of Content Worth the Price?

Streaming services have become an essential part of our digital lives, offering a treasure trove of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more at our fingertips. With so many platforms available, choosing the right one can feel like a daunting task.

Today, we're focusing on one that has been making waves in the streaming world – Max.

Known for its high-quality content and premium pricing, Max has sparked conversations and debates among viewers worldwide.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into the Max platform to evaluate its features, content library, user experience, and value for money.

Max Review Summary

Unraveling Max: Is the Premium Cost Justified? $9.99/month
Max Streaming Free Trial & Review- A Wealth of Content Worth the Price? - Freetrial.Reviews

Name: Max

Description: Max Streaming is a subscription-based video-on-demand platform owned by Warner Bros. It has replaced HBO Max and offers an impressive library of more than 35,000 hours of content, including movies, TV series, and new Max Originals. However, the transition from HBO Max to Max has reportedly caused a decrease in video quality and available streams.

Offer price: Starting from $9.99 per month

Currency: USD

Application Category: Streaming, Movies/Series



The platform continues to update its content selection, recently adding seven AMC+ shows for the next two months. However, it has also announced the removal of three superhero movies. Max Streaming's future plans may include potential interruptions for CNN news updates, but this feature is not expected any time soon.

Despite some changes and controversies, Max Streaming remains a popular choice among viewers. It hosts some of the best shows available, from “How to With John Wilson” to “Last Call”, and even exclusive content like “The Many Saints of Newark,” a prequel to “The Sopranos”.

What is included in Max streaming?

Max Streaming is a comprehensive video-on-demand platform that offers a rich selection of content to its subscribers. The service includes the entire HBO library, featuring iconic shows such as “Game of Thrones” and new series like “The Last of Us,” “House of the Dragon,” and “Barry”.

In addition to HBO shows and movies, Max Streaming provides access to content from Discovery+, DC, Studio Ghibli, Turner Classic Movies, and Cartoon Network. It also includes programming from Warner Bros. Discovery's other brands and all content previously available on HBO Max.

What channels are included in Max?

  1. HBO: All of the premium channel's offerings, including series like “Game of Thrones,” “Westworld,” and “Euphoria.”
  2. Warner Bros: Films and TV shows from one of the oldest film studios, including the DC Extended Universe movies.
  3. New Line Cinema: Popular films like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.
  4. DC Entertainment: Content featuring beloved comic book characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.
  5. Cartoon Network: Animated series for both kids and adults, including “Adventure Time” and “Rick and Morty.”
  6. Adult Swim: More adult-oriented animation and comedy shows.
  7. Crunchyroll: A selection of anime from the popular streaming service.
  8. Rooster Teeth: Content from the online entertainment company, including the animated series “RWBY.”
  9. Looney Tunes: Classic animated shorts featuring characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.
  10. Sesame Workshop: Content aimed at young children, including “Sesame Street.”
  11. TCM (Turner Classic Movies): Classic films curated by TCM.
  12. Studio Ghibli: The entire film library from the acclaimed Japanese animation studio.
  13. Discovery+: As part of the recent merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, Max now also includes programming from Discovery+.

The Most Popular Titles on Max

GenrePopular Titles
ActionDie Hard, The Dark Knight, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Endgame, Inception, John Wick, The Matrix
ComedySuperbad, The Hangover, Bridesmaids, Anchorman, Step Brothers, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Mean Girls
DramaThe Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, Fight Club, Forrest Gump, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Titanic
Science FictionInterstellar, Inception, The Matrix, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, The Martian
RomancePride and Prejudice, The Notebook, Titanic, Before Sunrise, A Walk to Remember, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Casablanca
FantasyThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Avatar, The Lion King, Spirited Away, Pan's Labyrinth. The Dark Crystal
HorrorPsycho, The Shining, The Exorcist, Halloween, Jaws, Alien, Get Out

Is Max a free streaming service?

No, Max is not a free streaming service. It is a subscription-based video-on-demand platform owned by Warner Bros.

Is Max the same as HBO Max?

Yes, Max is the same as HBO Max. The popular streaming service HBO Max has been officially renamed as “Max”.

However, the HBO content is not being removed from the service.

In essence, Max is just HBO Max with even more content. Despite the change, both services have basically the same user interface layout. The relaunched version of HBO Max as Max now includes Discovery+ programming.

Why did HBO Max change to Max?

HBO Max rebranded to “Max” as part of a strategic decision by Discovery, the parent company. The executives felt that the HBO name was somehow restricting HBO Max's uptake among households with children, hence the change. The new name, “Max,” is believed to better emphasize the breadth of content available on the platform.

The rebranding also coincided with the integration of Discovery content into the streaming service's offerings. This move was seen as an effort to distance the platform from HBO's associations and create a more comprehensive entertainment offering.

Starting from 23 May 2023, users began to see HBO Max transition into “Max” across all platforms. The change did not require any action from existing subscribers.

Is Max better than Netflix?

Content QuantityLess OptionsMore Options
Content QualityHigh Quality, Better Original ContentVaries
Popular TitlesMoreLess
Studio Film ReleasesYesNo
CatalogSmaller, Premium ContentLarger
Subscription Cost (Ad-Supported)$9.99/month$6.99/month
Global Subscribers96.1 Million231 Million
Value for MoneySuperiorVaries

Netflix has a larger catalog of content, making it suitable for those with diverse tastes. It also has a higher number of subscribers globally, indicating its widespread popularity.

On the other hand, Max stands out for its premium content library, high-quality originals, and intuitive interface. Max is known for its popular titles and better original content. Additionally, Max releases films from major studios which might be an attractive feature for some users.

In terms of subscription cost, both offer an ad-supported subscription but Netflix's is slightly cheaper than Max's.

Ultimately, the choice between Max and Netflix would depend on your preferences for content quantity versus quality, budget, and the specific shows or movies you're interested in watching.

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Is Max better than Disney Plus?

FeatureMaxDisney Plus
Content QuantityVariesLess Options
Content QualityHigh Quality, Better Original ContentHigh Quality, Family-Oriented Content
Popular TitlesMoreLess
Studio Film ReleasesYesYes
CatalogDiverse Mix of ShowsPrimarily Family-Oriented Content
Subscription Cost (Ad-Supported)$9.99/month$8/month
Number of Simultaneous Streams34
Value for MoneySuperior for Adult ViewersSuperior for Families

Disney Plus is cheaper than Max, which may make it a more attractive option for budget-conscious viewers.

It also offers four simultaneous streams compared to Max's three.

Disney Plus is known for its family-oriented content, including all the Disney classics, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic.

On the other hand, Max wins for variety, especially for adult viewers. It offers a diverse mix of shows for families, kids, teens, and adults.

It has a good mix of premium content, including HBO series, Warner Bros films, and other popular titles.

In terms of video quality, Disney Plus seems to have an edge as it offers numerous titles in 4K UHD, whereas Max only offers movies like West Side Story and Free Guy in HD.

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How much is Max streaming?

PlanPrice per MonthPrice per YearFeatures
Ultimate Ad-Free$19.99$199.99Access to all content, no ads, 4K streaming
Ad-Free$15.99$149.99Access to all content, no ads, HD streaming
Ad-Lite$9.99$99.99Limited content with ads, HD streaming

Why is Max more expensive?

Max, formerly HBO Max, is considered more expensive compared to other streaming services for several reasons:

  1. Quality and Quantity of Content: Max offers a large catalogue of high-quality original programming from HBO, Warner Bros., DC, Cartoon Network, and more. Additionally, it has added content from Discovery which further broadens its offerings. This extensive library of premium content contributes to the higher cost.
  2. No Tiers: Unlike other services that offer tiered pricing based on video quality or number of screens, Max offers all its content, including 4K Ultra HD content, at one price.
  3. Licensing Costs: The cost of licensing popular shows and movies from other studios can be significant. These costs are often passed on to the consumer in the form of higher subscription fees.
  4. Production Costs: Creating original content is expensive, especially when it involves high production values, famous actors, and experienced directors.

However, it's important to note that while Max is more expensive than some other streaming services, many users, including us, find the breadth and quality of its content justifies the higher price.

Why is Max so popular?

Max has gained popularity for several reasons:

  • Quality Content: Max has a vast library of high-quality content, including popular series like “Stranger Things” and exclusive new original programming. Characters from these series, such as Max Mayfield from “Stranger Things,” have become fan favorites due to their distinct personality traits and development throughout the series.
  • User-Friendly Features: Max has launched features like top 10 trending lists for TV shows and movies, providing subscribers with insight into daily top-trending content on the platform. This aligns with other popular streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video, enhancing user experience.
  • Brand Evolution: The rebranding from HBO Max to just ‘Max' has also contributed to its popularity. The shorter name is easier to remember and has helped the platform establish its own identity separate from HBO.
  • Competitive Pricing: While a subscription to Max costs more than Netflix, it promises well-known exclusives and new original programming, offering value for money.
  • 4K Streaming: Offering over 1000 movies and TV episodes in 4K Ultra HD has also enhanced its appeal among users seeking high-definition streaming.

How to Sign up for Max Free Trial

Via Hulu:

If you are a Hulu subscriber (if not, read our Hulu review here), you can add on Max and receive a seven-day free trial. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Hulu.
  2. Click on the icon on the top right corner.
  3. Click ‘Account' and then ‘Manage Add-ons'.
  4. Here you'll see Max and other add-ons, with an option to add a free trial.

Via Amazon:

Max is also available as an add-on channel for Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

  1. Go to Amazon.
  2. Search for Max in the channels section.
  3. Select the option to start a free trial.

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Please note that while these services offer a Max free trial, Max itself does not currently offer its own free trial.

Remember to cancel before the end of the trial period if you decide not to continue with the service to avoid any charges.

The Pros and Cons of Max


  1. Extensive Content Library: Max has a vast library of content that includes all HBO shows, Warner Bros. movies, and other popular titles from a variety of genres.
  2. High-Quality Originals: Max is known for its high-quality original programming, including series like “Succession,” “Westworld,” and “The Flight Attendant.”
  3. Variety of Genres: It offers a diverse mix of shows for kids, teens, and adults.
  4. Simultaneous Streams: You can watch on up to three devices at the same time.
  5. Downloads for Offline Viewing: Max allows you to download content for offline viewing.


  1. Price: Compared to other services like Disney Plus or Netflix, Max is relatively expensive.
  2. Lack of Live TV: Unlike some other streaming services, Max does not offer live TV.
  3. No 4K Streaming: As of now, Max does not offer 4K streaming for most of its content.
  4. Limited International Availability: Max is currently only available in the United States and certain U.S. territories.
  5. No Free Trial: Max no longer offers a free trial for new subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel my Max subscription?

There are several ways to cancel your Max subscription depending on where you originally subscribed. Here are the steps for most common sources:

  1. Via Max Website
  • Sign in to your account on the Max website.
  • Click on your profile and go to ‘Settings'.
  • Click ‘Manage Subscription'.
  • Click ‘Cancel Subscription' and confirm.
  1. Via Google Play Store
  • Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Tap ‘Menu', then ‘Subscriptions'.
  • Find ‘Max' in your list of subscriptions and tap ‘Cancel Subscription'.
  1. Via Apple App Store
  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Tap your name, then tap ‘Subscriptions'.
  • Find ‘Max' in your list of subscriptions and tap ‘Cancel Subscription'.
  1. Via Amazon Prime Video Channels
  • Sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Navigate to the ‘Manage Your Prime Video Channels' page.
  • Find ‘Max' in your list of channels and click ‘Cancel Channel'.
  1. Via YouTube TV
  • Sign in to your account at
  • Choose your profile and then ‘Settings'.
  • Go to ‘Membership'.
  • Next to ‘Max', choose ‘Cancel' and then confirm your cancellation.

2. Can I watch Max in 4k?

Yes, you can watch Max in 4K. Max offers over 1000 movies and TV episodes in 4K Ultra HD, which is about eight times more than what was available on HBO Max. Popular programming like Game of Thrones and The Last are included in this offering.

However, it's important to note that 4K streaming on Max is only available with the Ultimate Ad-Free plan, which costs $19.99 a month. The $15.99 per month ad-free price tier does not include 4K streaming.

To check if a show or movie is streaming in 4K on Max, you can go to the info page of the specific title. It will indicate whether it's streaming in 4K or HD.

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