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Agility Writer $1 Trial & Review

Agility Writer AI Writing Tool Review + $1 Trial $25/month
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Name: Agility Writer

Description: Are you trying to make sure your writing is always top-notch? Working on tight deadlines often leads to mistakes that can cost you dearly.Fortunately, a new AI-powered writing tool called Agility Writer has arrived to help take the weight off of marketers and writers alike!

Offer price: Starting from $25 per month

Currency: USD

Application Category: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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This powerful platform offers real-time insights into how well your content flows and ways to optimize it for engagement, plus quick fixes so you don’t have to worry about losing out on reader attention or making typos in important documents.

Important Note: I have given 4.6 stars for AI writing quality for its ‘Optimize' option which requires 4 credits and selecting GPT 4.0 option which requires 2 additional credits. The 4.6 stars is NOT for the ‘1 Click' and ‘Advanced' option which require 1 and 2 credits respectively.


  • Advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities
  • Easy-to-use interface and intuitive design
  • Able to produce different types of content, including blog posts, emails, social media updates, sales copy, and more


  • May not always produce optimal results compared to human-written content
  • Limited ability to address context-specific nuances
  • Technology is still in its infancy, and there's a potential risk that it might face glitches or errors  
Agility Writer $1 Trial & Review

8 Key features of Agility Writer:

  • AI-powered writing tool that helps users create high-quality content quickly and efficiently.
  • Offers a range of writing modes, including blog posts, articles, essays, and more, to suit a variety of writing needs.
  • Provides suggestions for content based on user input and helps to refine ideas for maximum impact.
  • Supports multiple languages and offers suggestions for better phrasing, grammar, and writing style.
  • Features built-in SEO analysis to help users optimize their content for search engines and attract more traffic to their website.
  • Includes a plagiarism checker to ensure originality and reduce the risk of copyright infringement.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface for easy access to all of its features and functions.
  • Provides cloud-based storage for seamless access and collaboration across devices.

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An In-Depth Pros & Cons of Agility Writer


  • Saves Time: One of the most significant advantages of Agility Writer is that it saves a lot of time. The AI technology used in this writing tool can generate quality content within minutes, which would otherwise take hours to write from scratch.
  • Reduces Writer's Block: Writer's block can be a major obstacle for writers or content creators. However, with Agility Writer, you can easily overcome it. The tool suggests several topic ideas and generates outlines to help you get started.
  • User-Friendly: Agility Writer is a user-friendly tool that anyone can use. It doesn't require any special skill or knowledge of programming. All you need is to input the desired topic or subject, and it generates quality content for you.


  • Lack of Creativity: AI writing tools like Agility Writer, while excellent at generating content, lack the creativity of a human writer. The content generated by an AI tool may be informative and accurate, but it can still end up being dull or uninteresting to readers.
  • Limited Customization: Another drawback of Agility Writer is the limited customization options. While it does provide you with several templates and outline options, you have little control over the final output. This can be a problem for writers who want to tailor their content to a specific audience or tone.
  • Expensive: Agility Writer is a premium tool and can be a bit expensive for some users. While it's worth investing in for professionals or businesses, individuals or writers with a tight budget may find other free writing tools more suitable for their needs.

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